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Lauren Quick | June 10, 2014 | 10:31 AM
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Global MAC Cosmetics Senior Artistry Team member Victor Cembellin led a seminar at The Makeup Show Chicago 2014 on June 7 to share what's hot for spring/summer 2014 in make-up.

MAC is first and foremost a fashion brand, so Cembellin's trend report comes largely from that prerogative, but fashion does always trickle down to consumer trends in one from or another.

Top four make-up trends for spring/summer 2014:

1. Day-Glow
Think of natural skin, real skin. This look is all about being dewy, bronzed and fresh; it's make-up that doesn't look like you're wearing much make-up.

2. Light FX
Find new ways to highlight the face. White is important with this trend--it can be used as eyeliner, as a highlight inside the eye, etc. The natural skin becomes its own contour because of the highlights.

3. CC-Thru Color
Through this trend, focus on correcting colors on the face through color theory. There's also an emphasis on colors seen as bold--purples, greens, blues--being used in a more natural and neutral way by being utilized in pastel or lighter-value forms. Washes of color give a pastel effect.

4. The New Eye-Deal
Eyeliner is a timeless classic that heightens most anyone's look, but this trend in particular is about finding new and different ways to use the tried-and-true tool. Cembellin showed a look with negative space in the eyeliner on the lower lid; it's interesting and makes you look twice. Unconventional eyeliner is feminine and cool.

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