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What's Hot in Summer Hair Color

Chandler Rollins | May 27, 2014 | 12:23 PM

Hair color is constantly evolving, with new tones identified and exciting techniques adopted by expert colorists. Colorist Leslie Shores at Chicago's Maxine Salon shares what hair colors and techniques she recognizes as emerging trends. With inspiration from style icons and the runway, these are the looks that are hitting big.

What's Hot in Summer Hair Color


Splashlights are about creating a beam of light effect through the middle of the hair as opposed to the ends. Unlike Dip Dye and Ombré, which can be very funky, the splashlight technique can be applied in a more subtle way depending on the tone one chooses, creating shadows in the hair with light or dark tones.

What's Hot in Summer Hair Color

Tawny Hair Color

This look is more on the funky side and is a mixture of matte dark brown with lighter caramel/tawny colors. The color is created with burnt caramel ombré and all over warm tawny balayage highlights. Depending on how extreme a person's desired color variations are, the color combinations can differ from intense to more natural.

What's Hot in Summer Hair Color

Rosé Hair Color

From lipstick to Champagne to hair, rosé is a sought-after color for a sweet yet funky appearance. Pale pink will take precedence over the violet hair colors we've been seeing. Think Steel Magnolias and Shelby's demand for "blush and bashful." While subtle tones of rosé pink are blush, any gal wearing this shade is definitely not bashful.

What's Hot in Summer Hair Color

Marigold Hair Color

The best thing about marigold is that it works in a different and beautiful way with every base color of hair. PRO TIP: For blondes - golden and even platinum - this coppery tone can be alternated as a lowlight. Brunettes will embrace this brassiness through highlights, balayaged off the root. Marigold tones as a gloss for redheads will add sparkle and reflect golden streaks.

Bold Streaks

Crayola-inspired primary colors throughout the top of the hair makes a bold statement to say the least. This look can perk up a head of hair no matter what the season and can be achieved by highlighting the hair and then depositing a bold color into it. Those less daring can opt for a temporary version with L'Oréal Professionnel new hair chalk.

What's Hot in Summer Hair Color

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