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Behind the Cover: June 2014

Maggie Mulhern | June 13, 2014 | 1:30 PM

Fashion stylist Rod Novoa was thrilled when he learned MODERN was planning a men’s shoot for the June issue. “I know just what I’m going to bring,” he said.

Behind the Cover: June 2014Novoa and assistant Dennis Pinto scoured their favorite showrooms including Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Commes des Garcon, Paul Smith and Helmut Lang. Novoa and Pinto arrived earlier than usual to hang and steam the dozens of items from showrooms as well as from two of their favorite, more affordable stores: Zara and Top Shop.

“I love to mix up high- and low-fashion items,” Novoa said as he held up items for Andis educator and cover artist Danny Amorim. “These baggy shorts are by Commes De Garcon and fly out of the store. But even more exciting are the prints. They’re in high demand for the next two seasons. Flowers, flamingos, stripes, anything with color.” Behind the Cover: June 2014

The fashion totally inspired the rest of the team. Photographer Roberto Ligresti started to eyeball the shorts while make-up artist David Maderich wanted the print sweater for a friend. (When he learned the price, about $1,500, he passed.)

Ligresti began to set up outside his Water Street studio in New York City where he felt the lighting was perfect to highlight the hair and celebrate the fashion.

When cover model Carl came out with a shear tank top, the joggers and shoes, Amorim twirled his mustache and shared that he thought it was a bit over the top. “It kind of threw me,” he says. “No socks? But we rearranged some things and it motivated me. It almost pushed me to be a bit more creative with the hair and expose the versatility of the cut.”

The shoot went on for hours. The dressing, undressing, re-dressing and inevitable fashion show kept the team busy until early evening. “It was a great day,” says Amorim. “This shoot really demonstrated how we all inspire each other."

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