HOW TO: The Absolute PERFECT Fingerwave

Maggie Mulhern | June 6, 2014 | 9:09 AM
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The fingerwave is hotter than ever and superstar stylist Mary Brunetti has simplified the technique. Check out the short video to learn more and to see Brunetti create the absolute PERFECT fingerwave.

1. Start with a wet set with rollers or pincurls.(You can set dry with a marcel iron or curling iron).

2. Brush through.

3. Push the hair up to see teh "S" shape.

4. Place a clip in the center of the "C" shape.

5. Repeat the "C" shape, carving in the opposite direction. Place clip to secure. Continue in this manner until you have the desired amount of waves.

6. Add a wave clip at the ridge for a more defined shape if desired. To set the shape, add a light mist of a working spray and place model under dryer for 10 minutes, or point a blow dryer at the wave on a hot then cool setting.

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