HOW TO: A Chic Chignon For The Bride

Maggie Mulhern | June 24, 2014 | 11:16 AM
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Sarah Mastandrea answers she has been "living, breathing and eating this for going on 12 years," when asked how long she has been a hairdresser. The artist, from the FABU salon of Newton, Mass, recently created this bridal look that simply took our collective breath away. MODERN found it on Instagram and asked for the details:


1. Have bride come with freshly shampooed hair. Blow dry to smooth.

2. Set her to give her a very polished clean bouncy look.

3. After cooling, brush the hair out and create a deep side parting.

4. Sectioned the hair from ear to ear and tease into a pin cushion in the back.

5. Start bending and pining pieces into place, each time sweeping over the last pinned section.

6. At the front, continue the same piece by piece method, letting the hair do most of the work.

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