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HOW-TO: Goldwell High-Lift Blonde With Bohemian "New Wave"

Lauren Salapatek | July 24, 2014 | 10:18 AM
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“Letting the hair down versus putting it up says it all this holiday,” according to Dimitrios Tsioumas, Goldwell Global Master and Director, North American Artistic Team. “One of the prominent fashion hair trends this season is the New Wave, bohemian but polished, sleek, glossy.”

The key elements are saturated shine and movement.

“The inspiration story for our Blonde Kerasilk Collection was to combine the fashion trend of reflective fabrics with the contoured shine and shadows of natural gem stones and precious metals,” adds John Simpson, Goldwell Master and Lead Artistic Director, North American Artistic Team.

To translate this effect to hair color and finishes, Simpson and Tsioumas create sparkle with a luxurious, high-lift blonde formula and ensure fluid movement and controlled body with the Goldwell Kerasilk Treatment, a premium smoothing service.

“As a person wears high-end fashion, they feel glamorous as the fabric moves with the body,” Simpson explains. “We provide that same feeling through the treatment—control, bounce and shine.”

The result is a bold, glamorous look that transitions easily from day to night, with fashion and finish evolving for the event the client is attending. The right styling product adds luxury to the waves or a quick brush-through will enhance volume.

For a long day of celebrations, Simpson recommends spraying Dualsenses Ultra Volume Dry Shampoo through the hair to create a touch of texture or the perfect fast foundation for a quick transition updo.

“After smoothing with a styling brush, gather hair into an asymmetric or centered pony. Twist for volume and form, then loop-knot the hair. Show your client how to fasten with few pins or a favorite accessory, and she can create a high-fashion runway look that is effortless.”



STEP 1: Take a triangular section from low recession to recession on both sides to point at crown.

STEP 2: From point at crown expanding to width at crown then to high occipital create a diamond section. Clip remaining hair away.

NL- 7 existing color

Formula Grid:

A) Background Foundation - 40 ml Topchic 30vol. (9%) + 20 ml Topchic 11SV

B) Accent 1- 40 ml Topchic 40vol. (12%) + 20 ml Topchic Blonding Cream

C) Accent 2- 35 ml SilkLift 10 vol. (3%) + 1 scoop SilkLift Strong

D) Glaze: 20ml Topchic 10 vol. (3%) + 20ml water + 15ml 10GB + 5ml 10P.

Tools- Traditional Foil


STEP 3: Apply formula ( A ) to new growth of everything not in sections. Excluding the front hairline.

STEP 4: Starting in the low rear diamond, trace the diagonal section, taking fine slices and tapping in formula (A ) to every slice. Apply first foil of formula (C) , a slice of background formula (A ), then another slice with formula (B) . Continue this rotation throughout the section.

STEP 5: Starting at the front recession, take a contrasting angle to the back and continue in same color rotation. Making sure to tap in formula (A) background in between and to every foil.

STEP 6 +7: Apply formula (A) background to the front hairline for the last 15-20 minutes. Process for 45 minutes. R/S/C towel dry.

STEP 8: Apply formula (D) to entire head for 15 minutes. R/S/C

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