TIP OF THE DAY: 5 Things to Wear To a Photo Shoot

Maggie Mulhern | June 16, 2014 | 11:56 AM
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Ward Stegerhoek, top editorial and celebrity stylist and founder of Living Proof, has done tens of thousands of photo shoots since becoming a professional stylist in the late 1970's.

Over the years he has come up with tips for personal wardrobe any stylist looking to enter the editorial styling world:

1. Wear Black. "Black will not reflect the light and interfere with the shoot."

2. Unmirrored sunglasses. "I once wore mirrored sunglasses and they reflected onto the model. We didn't see it until after the shoot. There was a glow across her shirt."

3. Wear layers. "You never know what the temperature will be. You may be inside, outside, with or without airconditioning or heat."

4. Bring a raincoat. "You may endup outside and it could come in handy."

5. Wear comfy shoes. "You will be on your feet all day."

At a shoot Stegerhoek also prefers music without lyrics, and listens, ideally, to electronic music. "When someone starts signing it brings me back to Earth. It doesn't stimulate my creative process."

Another thing that sets Stegerhoek apart is that he does not work with a mood board. "It sets me on a retro path," he says. "I prefer to do something original and not clutter my creative brain with the work of  someone else."

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