HOW TO: Nice Transformation But Patience Is Key

Maggie Mulhern | July 25, 2014 | 10:34 AM
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Laura Carmichael (@laura_carmichael) of Rio Hair Studio, Jacksonville, Florida, was not surprisingly voted "best blond colorist 2013" from Void Magazine. She does not take that honor lightly. "I have an absolute passion for blonding and color," she says. "I love education and think everyone should be on an endless pursuit of knowledge in this industry."

That education has directed Carmichael to great success in her transformations. "I strongly feel the key to having successful blondes is patience," she says, "especially in situations like Nikki’s. Being honest and upfront with your client as to what to expect each visit is equally important. Nikki knew she would not be back to her bright blonde the first visit.  We talked about how many visits it would take and how much she should budget for the experience.  This would include take home hair care. [Carmichael's favorite take home for blondes is Reken’s Extreme line and Anti-snap]."

Here she offers the HOW TO:

1. Guest arrived with previously colored hair,  a faded level 3/4 violet.
2. Apply Pravana's Color Extractor to clarified damp hair following instructions on box. Process 20 minutes under heat. Rinse for a good 5 minutes. Repeat this step. After two color extractors result was a level 6 red/orange.
3. Apply a decolorizing wash to damp hair: 1oz Redkens's Flash Lift, 1oz 10vl pro-oxide, and 1oz shampoo. Process for 10 min. (Result was Level 7 bright orange.) Follow with Redken Chemistry System to even out porosity.
4. On dry hair gloss with Shades EQ, equal parts 09T/ 08N. Process 20 minutes and then rinse.

guest went home with proper take home and prebooked next appointment for 4 weeks.

Upon her return:

1. Apply Color Gels 5nw with 10 volume from occipital bone down roots to ends. Separate with foil.
2. T-part remaining hair section into 4 quadrants.
3. Starting in the front, take diagonal slices foiling with Redken Blonde Icing 20 vol roots to ends in 1/4'' sections. This is a HEAVY partial foil.
4. Between foils apply Color Fusion 8AB with 10 volume. Process 30 minutes, NO HEAT and rinse.
5. Towel dry hair and gloss with Shades EQ equal parts: 09v/ clear. Process 10 minutes and then rinse.

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