3 Tips To Share With Your Client

Maggie Mulhern | June 16, 2014 | 6:14 PM
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Jessica Tiddes of Solo Salon in Chicago loves to share ideas with her clients. "I want them to have the knowledge on how to keep their hair looking great between salon visits," she says. "The most common questions are always about blow drying and braiding, so these three have been the most popular with my clients." Here Tiddes shares those tips with other salon professionals:

1. Teach your client to remove the majority of the moisture before working with her round brush. "Most of my clients have challenges with round brushing because their arms get tired. Unfortunately they start with very wet hair. If the hair is 80% dry before round brushing, she will ge the same effect but with less work."

2. Teach your client to round brush from the TOP working down. "After blowdrying the first section teach her to allow it to cool in an overdirected position. This way she can get added volume while she works on the sections below."

3. Teach your client how to create a faux French Braid. "If your client has challenges creating a French Braid on herself, teach her to create an off scalp three strand braid and then pin the braid to the scalp. This gives the illusion of an on scalp braid. Many of my clients do this on a regular basis."

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