The Chic Collection by Rocky Vitelli: Inspired by Fashion

Maggie Mulhern | June 3, 2014 | 7:57 AM
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The mass interest in red-carpet awards, the runways of Fashion Week, magazine photoshoots and celebrity prove one thing: it’s not just about the hair. The entire beauty design of make-up, wardrobe and nails plays an integral role in the overall look.

Fashion is the trigger for Rocky Vitelli, Farouk Global Artistic Board Member and 2014 Canadian Stylist of the Year, who requires a wardrobe overview for a photoshoot before he even begins to think about the hair. “I need to see the model completely dressed before I decide whether I will do something up, down, light, dark, dimensional, soft, simple or aggressive,” he says. The creation of The Chic Collection was no exception. “This collection of hair styles is inspired by couture fashion,” he says. “Once I saw the wardrobe, by fashion designer and stylist Mario Fugnitto, I knew I wanted to do something fashion forward.”

Hair: Rocky Vitelli

Photography: Polk Lian

Make-up: Alessia Genova

Fashions: Mario Fugnitto





KEHLIG: “I think of this as a modern ombre,” says Rocky Vitelli of this blonde-tipped silhouette with mid-length layers.

JENUNBE: Vitelli said the word “chic” was used constantly at the shoot, “so it stuck,” he says of The Chic Collection. Vitelli was adamant each look remain named after the model. “Every finish was designed specifically for that model in that wardrobe,” he says. “The entire look is couture, specific and quite personalized,” and born from fashion. The gun metal highlights on this black bob create a look that is progressive, not just because of the short fringe, but because of how the highlights pop from the base color. “This is a total forward trend,” says Vitelli. “The unusual highlights are fresh and modern.”

LAURA: “I wanted a copper color that didn’t overpower the clothing.” Vitelli used blonde highlights and a light copper base to make it on-trend from head to toe, but still commercial.

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