The Exposed Hairpin Debate: What Do You Think?

Maggie Mulhern | July 7, 2014 | 6:12 AM
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MODERN recently posted an updo by Erkan Usta (@erkanusta) of Salon M in Brooklyn, NY, on our INSTAGRAM page. The dimensional blonde strands swirl down to a slightly asymmetrical flowery chignon. It is sensitively draped to let the color make as much of a statement as the silhouette. It is just so pretty and perfect for any bride.

Shocking to me was the debate it aroused from MODERN followers! Within hours, hundreds of people “liked” the shot, with many commenting on the exposed hairpins. A few of those had to be deleted (inappropriate language) but several remain, including the responses from other followers.

This made me curious and want to ask: Isn’t it sometimes ok to break the rules? Do you ever break away from the manufacturers instructions? Do you ever “tweak” a hair color formula? Leave it on a bit longer than advised? Do you ever cut with a razor or razor with the shear? Trim with a clipper?

Outside our own industry going “off label” has opened some interesting doors. Botox was never meant to be used in the cosmetic industry. The two handed backhand was considered an inappropriate tennis stroke until Chris Evert used it and popularized it in the 1960’s.  Green tea was not meant to be an ice cream! Man isn’t supposed to fly.

So, does an updo with exposed hairpins mean it is wrong? Tell that to famed stylist Odile Gilbert who used “in your face” black bobby pins on her platinum model for the Zac Posen F/W 2014 collection presented during the most recent fashion week. Tell that to the countless other leads that allowed exposed hairpins accent their finishes on the runway by contrasting in their messy buns and knots. These looks weren’t always my favorite, but, personally, I love that the artists took a chance and did something different.

It prompts an interesting discussion, and something you may want to have with your colleagues. In the meantime, check out our instagram (@modernsalon) and feel free to add to the debate. We do read and care about your comments.

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