Get The Formula: Cassandra McGlaughlin Color Corrects Again

Maggie Mulhern | July 1, 2014 | 6:24 PM

Cassandra McGlaughlin, owner of Platinum, Tampa, Florida knows her blondes. This finish was lifted with Paul Mitchell SynchroLift and toned with PM Shines 9V and Clear. She makes it seem so easy, and for her, it is. When MODERN asked, McGlaughlin, a Paul Mitchell educator, admits that many of her transformations take time and patience. "I really feel like with color services like this it's more important for someone to understand the process versus the formulation," she says. "I teach my class from the angle of truly understanding the 'whys' about color, how to make good choices and judgments versus just what product to this case, you must know your 'fabric'. For this client, the 'fabric' was lighter and finer so the timing was much quicker."

But, for her happy clients, it's worth it! Make sure to follow her on Instagram: @CassandraPlatinum

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