6 Tips for Stylists Ready to Move to Their Own Salon Studio

Lauren Salapatek | September 23, 2014 | 8:31 AM

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own salon? Sola Salon Studios offers various possibilities for the beauty professional who wants to experience the freedom of business ownership. Sola offers options from designing your own salon studio and creating your own salon culture, to running your business as you see fit. With the salon studio concept on the rise, more beauty professionals are looking into this option.

So why are beauty professionals making the switch from salon to studio? According to Sola, "We offer a simpler approach for those beauty professionals who want to turn their dreams into reality. We offer the ability for you to open a salon studio, take charge, and become your own boss.  We offer the opportunity for you to join a thriving network of 4,000 professionals nationwide. At its core, Sola empowers and inspires salon professionals to celebrate their unique talents by opening their own business."

"Sola newcomers can enjoy the intimate nature of a salon studio. From customizing your salon environment to showcasing your favorite product line, you create your customer-stylist experience. Spend less time worrying about salon drama, industrial hiccups and other distractions from your talent, and more time focusing on your craft, your customers and your business goals."

Are you getting ready to make the move to a salon studio or suite? Read these tips for newcomers offered by Sola's Director of Education Kim Bennett Horvath, and owner of Kim Bennett Studios at Sola Salon Studios in Denver, CO.

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6 Tips for Stylists Ready to Move to Their Own Salon Studio

1. Showcase your talent. "Think about the flow of your salon. The intimate setting at Sola allows you to use your expertise to consider the needs of each guest and personalize their experience. Educate them on the services and products you have to offer. This is where the freedom to create your own artistry is celebrated—and your guest receives the reward!"

2. Invite your clients to take part in your success. "Your customers know and trust you. So why not develop incentives for them to tell their friends and family about you? Develop a referral program; invest in business cards and reward your clients for handing them out for you. Set up a Yelp page and encourage clients to submit reviews. An endorsement from a current client adds so much value to your business and costs far less than traditional marketing."

3. Create a culture you belong to and stand for. "At Sola, you have the opportunity to use and sell the tools and products that you love and believe in. Take the time to become an expert on the brand(s) you represent and share that knowledge with pride. If you believe you can’t live without a product or tool to achieve a look you just created, so will your guest. Teach them how to imitate your art, providing them with the products needed to look and feel their best."

4. Create a successful future for your salon. "Client retention is key to the success of your salon. Always ask your clients to pre-book and communicate between appointments. At Sola, you manage your own schedule so you can work with your clients individually to set appointments and make sure they are taken care of. Your clients will love it when you become their personal receptionist, understanding their scheduling needs. Go the extra mile to ensure they are taken care of before a big event, vacation or just because."

5. Organize, organize, organize. "When you go out on your own, there are added responsibilities, from managing your appointment book to understanding your numbers. There are wonderful salon software resources available that can help you keep track of the details. Sola offers special deals on several platforms to ensure that Sola newbies are set up for success. It’s important to track your ongoing income and expenses to understand when and where your business comes from. Assess your numbers, such as income per ticket and rental dollars, and set realistic goals for your business. You can also use salon software to input notes on each guest, which will help you to prepare for their next appointment."

6. Identify what keeps you motivated. "Never lose sight of what you love! Keep fresh with education to stay inspired. Always set goals and reward yourself for each of your successes, whether big or small. Research philanthropic programs to help give back."

6 Tips for Stylists Ready to Move to Their Own Salon Studio

6 Tips for Stylists Ready to Move to Their Own Salon Studio




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