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5 Tips On Creating The Perfect Beehive

Maggie Mulhern | September 21, 2014 | 8:09 PM
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Michael M Haase, owner of Salon Platinum Black in Los Angeles, California is a top editorial stylist, celebrity hairdesigner and Wella Artist. A master of the craft of hairdressing, it is his most recent beehive posts on instagram (@michaelmhaase) that caught our eye. “I believe up hair is basics at its best,” says Haase.

We had to ask: are there any tips on HOW TO create a perfect beehive? Or upstyle tips in general? Haase shares his top 5:

1. Day old hair is always a plus. It calm's frizz and helps with natural shine.

2.  Styling product must be incorporated on dry hair and in layers (and should always include hairspray). This will give the best foundation not only for shape and design, but also for style endurance. Products must be applied section by section.

2.  There are 2 important things in styling hair: prep products and the hands. (For prep, Haase swears by Wella Professional Velvet Amplifier, Smooth Brilliance, Rugged Fix Stay Firm and Luxe oil).

3.  Hair pads may be and frequently should be used.

4.  Finishing a shape is a visual experience. Make sure the balance is pleasing to the eye and fits in to your goal: does it have commercial, artistic, or avant garde elements? Does it fit the request of the client?

5.  Always ALWAYS step back and look at your work.  "We all work close up and may lose the whole picture. Stepping back and looking from all sides, and from head to toe, will give you a more accurate picture of your finished look."

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