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HOW-TO: Purple Haze Color Transformation

Chandler Rollins | September 18, 2014 | 9:04 AM
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Alice Su, stylist and makeup artist at Wonderland Studios in Alexandria, Virginia, says "my goal is to spread positivity and good vibes through making people feel and look their most beautiful. Simply put, to match the outside with the insides."

When MODERN found this finish on Su's Instagram feed we had to ask for the how to. Here she shares how she transformed her client from a grown out blonde balayage to a gorgeous lavender.

Step 1: I used Redken Flashlift with 30 vol to re-balayage and lighten everything up.

Step 2: Once lifted to levels nine and 10 all over, I dried the hair thoroughly and mixed up three custom Pravana Violet shades (one full tube of Pravana Violet + 1-1.5 oz of Violet mixed with 4-5 oz of Clear + 2-3 drops of Violet with 4-5 oz of Clear or conditioner. I chose conditioner to use as a deep hair mask to prevent further damage).

Step 3: Starting in the front panels, I took horizontal sections about 1/4" wide and started to apply the first mix, straight violet from the roots down. Then I took my second mixture and applied it to the middle gradient area. I alternated sporadically with the third lightest mixture, painting different shades of the purple on each section to create dimension. I followed the pattern of more light lavender on the bottom, raking my fingers all the way through to ensure every piece was saturated.

Step 4: At the back panels, I split sections vertically in 1/2" sections to 1" sections, following the alternating pattern and making sure each strand and meeting sections of colors were well blended and saturated.

Step 5: After the color was applied, I processed her for a little longer than normal. To achieve the darker electric purple color, I did 30 minutes.

Step 6: I finished with a deep treatment, cut and style.

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