4 Different Ways to Create Wave in the Hair

Lauren Salapatek | September 29, 2014 | 10:09 AM

Waves come in all different shapes and forms -- you can create them using a variety of hot tools, clips, rollers, etc. When your client sits in your chair and requests a "wavy look" they could mean range of styles. Hone down on which one they are really looking for. Here, The Mastery in Atlanta, GA, offers you these four ways you can create the ideal waves:

THE FLAT FINGERWAVE: This look features two, large fingerwaves positioned along the sides of the head (from the crown to the temple).

4 Different Ways to Create Wave in the Hair


Recommended products: Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press, Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray, Neuro Smooth.

1. Smooth the hair using a flatiron, and smooth the mid shaft to ends to achieve a straight finish.

2. Take several foils and fold twice vertically, forming a gutter shape (this will help create clean lines).

3. Part the hair, then take about a 1-2-inch diagonal forward section of hair and place it inside the "gutter" foil. Spray a working spray on the section, close the foil, and then use a duckbill clip to mark where you want the line to be.

3. Take one foil section, take a duckbill clip from a section and replace with the tail comb. Fold the foil around the tail and use your flatiron. Repeat this process until all desired lines are created.

4. Remove all foils. Using a fine tooth comb, lightly tap on the "lines" to blend. Reinforce the blending by placing the tail comb underneath the sections and lightly tap with the flat iron. Backcomb underneath the sections lightly to create volume. Spray with a finishing spray.


BOHEMIAN WAVES: These frothy, playful waves feature a smooth top and intense volume at the bottom. Try tucking in longer hair for a faux bob look.

4 Different Ways to Create Wave in the Hair


1. Curl the hair using Paul Mitchell's Extra Body Finishing Spray and a 1" curling iron into a horizontal barrel set. Pin with single prong clips and let cool.

2. Take out clips, detangle and use a dressing brush along with Paul Mitchell's Shine Spray to smooth and shine the waves.

3. Use duckbill and wave clips to accentuate the waves and to hold them in place. Spray with extra body finishing spray for extra hold.

4. Tease the remaining hair and roll ends under to pin at the sides and nape creating a modern and airy faux bob.

5. Remove duckbill and wave clips. Gently expand by lifting the waves with a metal end comb and spraying with extra body finishing spray.

6. Apply a hair accessory on the heavy parted side to enhance and dress up the look.


BEACH WAVES: Deconstructed and adventurous, these waves come in all different sizes. They are best described as tousled and natural-looking.

4 Different Ways to Create Wave in the Hair


1. Part hair down the middle and do a horizontal on base set with a 1" curling iron. Pin each curl with a single prong clip.

2. Let curls cool, release curls.

3. Brush with a dressing brush until curls melt together and you see a big wave pattern.

4. With 3/4 inch marcel iron, define waves by pushing hair into big "S shapes." Clip with duck bill clips where you see the middle of the "C Shapes." ("S waves" are formed by two "C shapes" coming together.)

5. Spray with a workable setting spray like Paul Mitchell Worked Up.

6. Remove duck bill clips and tease at the underneath of the hair to expand the shape.

7. Spray with a volumizing spray. 

8. Continue teasing and spraying hair until desired look is achieved.


VOLUMINOUS WAVES: These waves are full of body and “red-carpet” worthy.

4 Different Ways to Create Wave in the Hair


Recommended products: Extra Body Root Boost, Sculpting Foam, Express Zion Dry v.2, express ion round brush large

1. Round brush hair to create body.

2. Using a 1-inch curling iron, take horizontal sections in rows all around the head, and spray each section with extra body spray before curling. Secure each curl with a prong clip. After the whole head is set, spray with shine spray. 

3. Take down curls and smooth out with a dressing brush and spray hair with shine spray.


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