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Goodbye Makeup Clutter! Create a Magnetic Makeup Board in 4 Steps

Lauren Salapatek | September 18, 2014 | 9:47 AM
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Makeup clutter at your home or at your salon station is less than ideal, and sometimes it simply makes you want to tear your hair out when you can’t find something. If you’re one of those who have eye shadows, brushes, lip glosses and more sprawled out everywhere, there’s a cute DIY project you can try that will solve all of your organization issues – the magnetic makeup board.

It’s a viral project you might have seen on Pinterest or Instagram, and if you haven’t tried it at your home or salon yet, maybe it’s about time. This space-saving technique is perfect for any salon professional or salon owner looking to spruce up their salon stations. It’s inexpensive and keeps the clutter at a minimum, and gets rid of those overstuffed makeup bags!

There’s multiple ways you can customize a magnetic makeup board. The tutorial below instructs how to create one using fabric. You can also spray your sheet metal with spray paint and vinyl, if you want a different look.


STEP 1: Obtain sheet metal and cut it according to how large of a working area you want. (You can also use a cookie sheet – make sure it’s magnetic.)

STEP 2: Find a piece of fabric you want to use as decoration. Hot glue the material to the back of the sheet metal. Make sure to secure the corners.

STEP 3: Insert the sheet meet metal covered in fabric into a picture frame. Latch it in, and make sure the sheet metal is snug and secure.

STEP 4: Buy a roll of magnets and cut them to size. Hot glue gun the magnets to the makeup you would like secured to your makeup board. This works best on flat-surface makeup products. (Why use hot glue? Sometimes the adhesive on the back of the magnets wears down. The hot glue keeps the magnets extra secure).

Tip: Make sure not to overcrowd your makeup board or it may not balance properly.

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