Become an HSI Professional Ambassador: Receive Commission, Education & Perks!

Modern Salon | October 14, 2016 | 8:24 AM
Meet Amy the Ambassador at HSI Professional. Follow allong to see her success story about the program that gives stylists and influencers a headstart!
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Amy is a budding styilst. She's also an HSI Professional Ambassador.
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As an Ambassador Stylist, Amy has professional backing. HSI invests in its ambassadors, so Amy gets all the professional tools she needs to make her clients look good. Amy looks good when her clients look good.
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Amy gets her own unique code to give her clients, family and friends so they all save 40% off all HSI products.She earns 10-20% commission on all sales.
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Amy also gets 40% off and earns commission on her own orders.She gets exclusive Pro-promotions that’s not available to the general public.
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Amy is a social media and blogging buff. She uses her platforms to promote HSI products so she can earn tons of cash.Amy is promoted on HSI’s social channels to hundreds of thousands of potential clients.
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As an Ambassador, Amy gets to test HSI Professional's products first.
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Amy is rewarded for her efforts with guest passes to exclusive industry events, Fashion Week, and educational seminars.
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Amy has an exclusive listing on HSI’s national professional stylist directory.HSI promotes the directory to Amy’s local audience, as well as nationally.
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Amy gets exclusive access to tutorial videos and articles to advance her professional career.She also has the opportunity to be featured in the videos.
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Amy is a superstar salon professional!
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Ambassador Starter Kits
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Ambassador Starter Kits
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Are you looking to join a brand that you truly believe in? HSI Professional may be your answer.

Right now the brand is looking for talented individuals to spread the word about their professional-grade products and tools.

Not only will you become part of a company that supports your career, you will receive commission off any sale that you make. In a nutshell, according to HSI Professional, you will be given your very own VIP code that allows you and your customers 40 percent off their products while you make commission from those sales, even your own purchases.

HSI Professional will be featuring their Ambassadors on their social platforms (Instagram and Facebook) throughout the month—typically they will be showing high sellers and professional stylists. Currently, they are creating a directory of professional stylist Ambassadors from across the world so customers can find them easily by region or city. Make sure you’re on this list!

That’s not all—HSI gives you access to exclusive offers; like a premium and pro package at wholesale cost, pro level product promos, professional videos and articles to help you advance your craft. Also, you might get featured in their articles, videos or on their social platforms.

All of HSI Professional’s products are 100 percent ceramic, and infused with argan oil—plus, every flatiron and curling iron contains auto shut off.

Why not be part of this growing community?

Learn more here. 

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