L'ANZA Formula: Fearless Beauty by Matt Swinney, Leah Freeman and Ammon Carver

Victoria Wurdinger | November 7, 2016 | 8:16 AM
Hair: L'ANZA Global Creative Team Matt Swinney, Leah Freeman and Ammon Carver | Assistants: Gina Watkins, Mark Dolan Photographer: Richard Monsieurs | Makeup: Viktorija Bowers

Rich L’ANZA colors blend with unapologetic patterns in this look created by L’ANZA Global Creative Team Matt Swinney, Leah Freeman and Ammon Carver


Natural level 4

Formula 1: 30 g 20-volume L’ANZA Healing Color Developer

Formula 2: Powder Decolorizer + 5 g L’ANZA Trauma Treatment with 30 g warm water

Formula 3: 16 g L’ANZA Vibes Smoke + 90 g Clear

Formula 4: 20 g Smoke + 5 g Blue

1. Apply Formula 1 to new growth. Brighten previously lightened ends with Formula 2. Process until all hair reaches level 9, then rinse and perform a L’ANZA Ultimate Treatment, using 1 pump of L’ANZA Strength Booster and 1 pump of L’ANZA Moisture Booster. Blowdry.

2. Spray L’ANZA Color Attach Pre-Color treatment throughout hair and comb through. Then, apply Formula 3 to all the hair and process 30 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and blowdry.

3. Re-mist Color Attach throughout hair and comb through. Then part head in half. Where hair is heaviest, part that side into a flat moon-shape, the length of the parietal ridge. In back-to-back foils, apply Formulas 3 and 4, using the Vibes Sponge Brush to create softness with saturation. Start with Formula 3, then outline each section using Formula 4. Design a unique placement pattern.

4. At the nape, divide the back in half. From the center part, take a heavy triangle to the back of the right and left ears, and repeat the application procedure. There will be a total of 4 foils on each side of the nape and 3-4 on the top of the head.

5. Process 30 minutes, then rinse, cleanse, and condition. As a post-treatment, mist L’ANZA Color Attach onto towel-dried hair and comb through.

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Process Cut and color: Nick Trombetta @nicktrombettausa, Itely Hairfashion, N.A. national artistic director

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