HOW-TO: The Modern Pixie by Ruth Roche

Lauren Quick | September 24, 2014 | 10:31 AM

Fall 2014 fashion runways saw a lot of '60s inspiration with high crowns and deep side parts (Gucci, Tom Ford, and more).

HOW-TO: The Modern Pixie by Ruth RochePureology Serious Colour Care Artistic Ambassador Ruth Roche mixed those influences with the kind of modern pixie seen on Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, Julianne Hough and more.

"For this cut, you really have to give hair an attitude adjustment," Roche says. "You have to take it from big and heavy and dense to light and windswept."


-Hold your fingers horizontally and swipe the tip of the razor vertically to remove weight.

-Cut on a horizontal angle to remove length.

-When working with razors, use surface cutting to create a perimeter. Start at the bottom and work side to side while moving up the head; use bottom sections as a length guide for sections above.

-Drop elevation when nearing the crown so the layers become longer and promote volume at the crown.

-When cutting the side, change to vertical section sso the layers lay light and flat to the head. For the top, use horizontal sections again.


-After cutting, dry with hands and finish with a round brush.

-Use Roche's curtain technique to further texturize: Use index finger and thumb to part hair like a curtain, pinch the hair underneath closest to the head and softly slide cut with shears.

-Work Pureology Colour Stylist Density Definer molding paste through hair to define shape and texture.

"The cut is short, but feminine," Roche says. "It has the heavier front, fuller crown and geometric shape that give it the '60s flavor."

To see the full video, visit Roche's website,



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