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The December Healthy Hairdresser Challenge: Brush up on Fundamentals

Rosanne Ullman | November 30, 2016 | 12:18 PM
The Pivot Point 5-Piece Brush Set

December is likely your busiest month, professionally and personally. When things are so hectic, one of the best ways to find focus, comfort and joy is to concentrate on the fundamentals—both of your craft and of your self-care and wellness routine.

This month’s challenge is simply to pick (and practice) one basic, fundamental skill or habit in each area—hairdressing and personal wellness—throughout December. Try each for a few days, then share a sentence or two about how it is going. That’s it! Fifteen participants will earn a special set of professional brushes as a thank you gift from Healthy Hairdresser Sponsor Pivot Point International.

The Pivot Point 5-Piece Brush Sets includes all the fundamental types of brushes you need at the holidays and beyond. They are ergonomic in design, and each set is valued at $103, so are a great gift to earn and give yourself this season!

All for just brushing up on the fundamentals!

Back to Basics

To help you return to the fundamentals of staying efficient and healthy in the salon, it helps to think about what you learned as a student. Pivot Point’s new Fundamentals education program has been updated with new and relevant advice and strategies to help salon pros at every stage of a beauty career. For more info and specific tips, see the expanded profile and interview with Pivot Point’s Vasiliki Stavrakis, our Health Hairdresser Hero of the Month, online at


Step 1: Go to between December 1-31, 2016.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to share your “Brushing Up on the Fundamentals” strategies.

Step 3: Share your contact info to be eligible to win.

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