11 of 2016’s Top Hashtags in Professional Beauty

Lauren Salapatek and Anne Moratto | December 1, 2016 | 10:34 AM
#salonlife - 750,000 tags: For those days when too many friends are shouting “TGIF” it’s good to connect with fellow pros who understand that Friday is your Monday. Or, that you can’t remember the last time you sat down to eat lunch and that you’ll be spending at least five minutes tonight pulling hair out of your bra. No one really understand salon life unless they are living it.
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#purplehair - 2,697,000 tags: In the rainbow of color choices, purple reigned in 2016. From lilac to grape to plum, purple hair color found a way to look lovely on a variety of skin tones.
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#oilslick - 16,000 tags: The oil slick trend, taken from the iridescent look of oil in a puddle of water, is an answer to those much-requested creative colors for dark-haired clients. The technique features a dark base and requires less-extensive lightening.
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#nailsmagazine - 430,000 tags:  When searching for everything nails, plug in this hashtag for our sister community NAILS Magazine. Discover trends, nail design techniques, and the newest colors and products.
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#hairpainting 751,000 tags: Even though #hairpainting is often comparable with #balayage, it’s still a notable posting haven for colorists who are proud of the play of highs and lows in their color masterpieces.
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#hairgoals - 1,370,000 tags The images that are associated with #hairgoals serve as inspiration for salon work. As professionals, you see beyond the Photoshopping and take away ideas and techniques you can use and easily apply to delight your clients.
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#hairdressermagic - 197,000 tags: Think you’re a beautician not a magician? We think you’re both. Magic happens when the transforming effect of a new complementary hair color or feature-flattering hair cut uplifts a client’s mood and sends them out the door feeling better about themselves.
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 #extensions - 2,087,000 tags: What a difference a set of extensions can make to a client’s overall look! The extension category doesn’t just focus on hair anymore—it deals with a whole range of beauty services. Look closely, and you might even find some eyebrow extensions (a new category!).
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#colormelt - 455,000 tags: Colormelting is just another variation of the original ombre trend—of course with some differences. First, it’s made up of three or more colors and the ones that you use must be similar in, or of, the same color families. With this trend, you will notice overlapping colors for a seamless look. Check out this hashtag; photos range from dark to light or from light to dark.
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 #bronde - 265,000 tags: Ah, the bronde. That dreamy halfway point between blonde and brown that looks like it just stepped off a private jet. Done well, a beautiful bronde looks expensive, effortless and oh-so Instagram-worthy.
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#barberlife - 5,140,000 tags: It’s a man’s world in the barbershop but #barberlife can refer to so much more than a shave and a haircut. Barbers are grooming the homeless, offering blood pressure screenings and providing that rite of passage, the first real haircut.
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A Twitter user is credited with employing the first hashtag in 2007 to pull others into one conversation. Today, searching on social media with a hashtag helps people find communities and see what’s trending.

WHEN POSTING CONTENT to platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, using a hashtag is the social media equivalent of raising your hand and waving. The hashtag helps hairdressers on Instagram to grow their following and their clientele, and some have become social-media superstars. 

It is also an organizing tool for topics. Look up #salonlife and get connected to other working beauty professionals. Search #hairpainting for freehand color examples. Lose hours to #hairinspo, #hairgoals and even #hairporn

When MODERN created #hairdressermagic, we were calling out beautiful examples of salon work—everything from transforming one bad #ombre with a #hairmakeover to a dramatic long-to-short style with #thechop. Our #modernsalon hashtag is the most-tagged in professional beauty. As editors, we use it to seek out high-quality work and then to comment on, applaud and share that work.

Here are some of the most popular beauty hashtags on social media. How do you hashtag?

#modernsalon: 2016's most popular hashtag in professional beauty: 3,000,000 tags.

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