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Maggie Mulhern | December 4, 2016 | 7:46 AM
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Molly Romano (@belladonnabymollymomano) of Public Salon, Arlington, Heights, IL, says her new client came to her after a not so great experience at a different salon. "She then tried getting it fixed at yet ANOTHER salon and finally came in to me with two completely different styles of hair coloring on one head."

Here Romano shows how she corrected this color:


A) Schwarzkopf blonde me 9+ with 20 vol

B) Schwarzkopf blonde me 9+ with 7 vol and Olaplex

C) Schwarzkopf vibrance 1oz 7-4+ 1/2oz 7-5 with 6vol developer

D) Goldwell colorance 9BA + 6BS

F) Goldwell colorance express 9icy

Step 1:Have a THOROUGH consultation "so that we are both on the same page as far as realistic results from our first session and what our end goal would be."

Step 2: Part the hair in 4 sections. Take 1 inch diagonal sections up the back of the head. Apply formula A to midsection sweeping upward towards new growth in a V pattern. Softly sweep formula C down the center of the V to create depth. Apply formula B to ends to gently lift out the warm tones. Overlay with long foils for heat.

Step 3: Next section take a thick, chunky weave and paint gently below and on top section sweeping the color upwards to create babylights. Overlay with foils for heat.

Step 4: Continue this pattern up the back of the head and the sides, making sure to direct the sides back so foils are not laying in clients face.

Step 5: Apply thicker babylights around the face to create a lighter piece. Process.

Step 6: Rinse the back out first since this took quite a long time to apply to this thick, long head of hair. Let the top continue to process till you lift to pale yellow.

Step 7: Towel dry well. Apply formula D to roots, melting down about 3-4 inches (LEAVE FRONT HAIRLINE OUT)

Step 8: Apply formula E to mid lengths and ends. Comb formula D down into formula E for smooth transition.

Step 9: Apply formula E to front hairline. Process.

Step 10: Rinse well, towel dry and apply Olaplex part 2. Trim hair while Olaplex sits to save time.

Shampoo, condition and style!


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