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COLOR CORRECTION: Hot Pink to a Silvery Ash

Lauren Salapatek | September 12, 2014 | 10:42 AM

MODERN SALON Facebook fan Carly Bowman, owner at Elegance Hair Beauty and Tans recently submitted this hot pink hair color correction. "The client previously to the pink always had Matrix Light + 20 volume, scalp application and toned with Matrix So Color Beauty 10P+10 volume. She decided that she wanted to have pink hair for a week-long holiday, but knew due to work commitments, she would have to have it back out after the week, so she applied a Rusk rose temporary color and used it twice throughout the week," says Bowman.

COLOR CORRECTION: Hot Pink to a Silvery Ash

However, when the client arrived for the color correction process, it didn't fade at all. When the client came into the salon she asked for silver highlights topped on a darker base.

STEP 1: "I applied Matrix Masterlight 20 vol to start removing the pink. I left this one for 20-25 minutes and continually massage it into the hair. After removal, I as left with pale pink at the root area, peach though the midlengths and pale yellow through the ends. I knew this was all I had to work with as I didn't want to affect the clients condition at all.

STEP 2: "I carefully applied Matrix Socolor 7A+10 volume to the pale pink root area and let it process for 15 minutes. Then, I pulled the same formula through the midlengths and ends. I left the color on for approximately six minutes until all of the unwanted tone was neutralized."

STEP 3: "I rinsed and treated with Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment and left it on for 15 minutes to make sure the color was sealed and hair was restored to normal."

COLOR CORRECTION: Hot Pink to a Silvery Ash

COLOR CORRECTION: Hot Pink to a Silvery Ash

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