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Maggie Mulhern | September 11, 2014 | 9:50 AM
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Christine Sheehan (@cbsheehan) is graduating from The Lab - A Paul Mitchell Partner School (Ewing, NJ) in THREE DAYS but as most people know, a student rarely graduates with the same look she sported when she first walked in the door. Sheehan is also a singer in the band D LUXE and heads up a family (with husband Ray) of 4 kids. Where does she find time to do...anything!

"I've had many hair colors in the past," she says, "but red is where my heart lies, and my most favorite formula – one that gave me hair the color of Ariel the Mermaid –  came after much trial and error, but once I found it, I ran hard with it!"

The red was her color of choice for years until …

"One of the Learning Leaders at my school, Samantha Wenner, gave our class a mini-course about Paul Mitchell PM Shines, and my friend/classmate, Alexysis Reading, came across a swatch that made us swoon – Pink Champagne, which looked very much like Michael Kors' rose gold." Sheehan had to ask: Who WOULDN'T want that?  "It wasn't planned, and we weren't even sure we would be able to make it work (the red lived in my hair for YEARS!), but sometimes the very best things come about from acting on impulse."

Wenner formulated the color and Reading was charged with application. Adds Sheehan: "Voila!  Pink Champagne was poppin'!" Here the team offers the formulas:


-L'oreal Excellence HiColor HiLights (for Dark Hair Only) – RED, for REGROWTH + 20 VOL Cream Developer

(25 min)

-Pravana Vivids – RED …....... for MIDSHAFT TO ENDS (25 min)

"My natural level is about a 7, so initially, I used L'oreal HiColor HiLights in Red + 20 Vol Cream Developer for 25 minutes to lift and deposit the brightest, most pure shade of red I could find in one easy step the very first time I used it.  I used it all over my entire head."

For touchups: "I continued to use this formula on my regrowth, and added Pravana Vivids in Red for 25 minutes to touch up the rest of my hair (midshaft to ends)."


(formulated by Samantha Wenner, applied by Alexysis Reading)

Step 1:  A Color Balance (shampoo cap of equal parts of DPL + Shampoo One + 10 Vol Cream Developer) was used to break the red. 

Step 2:  Hair was towel dried, and then 1 scoop pf DPL + 55 cc 20 Vol Cream Developer was applied all over, processed for approximately 35 minutes, then rinsed out.

Step 3:  To enhance any pink tones that were left from the residual red, apply 1 part Pink: 2 parts White Inkworks in an off-center rectangular block color pattern for 15 minutes, then rinsed out. 

Step 4:  PM Shines in Pink Champagne (9RB – Lightest Rose Blonde) was applied to damp hair for 20 minutes, then shampooed out using Paul Mitchell's Forever Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner.

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