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Turning Window Shoppers Into Customers

Kaitlyn Agnew | September 15, 2014 | 10:32 AM
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Dayna DeLaurentis
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At Exfole8, a Specialty Spa located in Chicago, you will get the chance to experience customized skin care treatments, premium product lines and a serene ambiance. Senior esthetician Dayna DeLaurentis has over 15 years of experience in skin care and performs every service with ease, precision and a warm personality. There is no doubt that DeLaurentis knows her business from A to Z so we jumped at the chance to score some secrets behind the marketing strategy at Exfole8.

Turning Window Shoppers Into Customers

KFC: How do you define success in your marketing strategy at exfole8?

DD: When marketing to new and existing clients, I measure my marketing success by how many people show interest in our promotions and follow through with a purchase of either a product or service.

KFC: With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, our team know that self-promotion is no easy task. With a spa located in a large city like Chicago, how do you maximize your efforts both online and off to keep ahead of the curve?

DD: I try to stay ahead of the curve by being up to speed on what is trending in the industry either with products, ingredients and technology. I believe being educated and informed on everything Spa related will help me stay ahead of the game. Online, I like to keep everything fresh. I want to be the person everyone comes to for skin and beauty tips. Whether in a post or email, I want the information I put out there to be beneficial and useful to my clients.

KFC: Turning window shoppers into customers is key – How do you make the transition?

DD: Keeping things updated is key. I want to grab a person's attention the second they walk by the Spa. I want my display and signage to pop! I change my window display and promotions every few weeks to keep passer bys enticed to come in and check us out!

KFC: How do you utilize social media in your marketing plan? How sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest help set you apart?

DD: I try to put something out there once a week. I want the information I post to be different than other spas. I don't just want to post a weekly or monthly special. I want my current and potential clients to be informed on skin care and beauty. I will tailor my posts to seasonal topics. For example, in the summer, I might put some information out there about ways to protect your skin from the sun. In the winter, I would inform my clients on how to keep their skin healthy and hydrated to prevent their skin from getting dry and cracking during the cold winter months. Then I would run a special on a product or treatment geared towards the specific post.

KFC: What’s your favorite piece of advice for other small-business owners to market their business?

DD: Keep your content fresh and don't be afraid to try new things.

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