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Personal Style: Oribe Platform Artist Coby Alcantar

December 5, 2016 | 5:00 PM

Oribe Educator and Platform Artist Coby Alcantar is always a joy to watch onstage. She’s got this unfiltered attitude about her, and not even in a rebel-without-a-cause kind of way, but more that she is just unapologetically herself. Sometimes goofy, other times sage, but always an excellent educator who is clearly passionate about what she does. It’s really refreshing.

A MODERN cover artist and owner of Little Axe Salon in Brooklyn, NY, her style and persona radiate an infectious energy.

“I love doing hair,” Alcantar says. “I love talking about hair. I love being part of a team. I’m the hairdressers’ hairdresser.”

About Coby

Born and raised: Born in Bristol, England, raised in Northern California, living in NYC since 2000.

Favorite items in my wardrobe: My shoes and jackets

I became a stylist because: I always liked doing hair, and Dad said I should go to beauty school.

If I hadn’t become a stylist: I’d probably be a waitress. Or a racecar driver!

Would love to makeover: All of morning television. Kidding. Kind of.

Favorite hair and beauty era: Probably the mod ‘60s. I love the geometric shapes with the messed-up texture, when people didn’t really know how to style their hair.

Most people would be surprised: I have kids! I love being a mom. I have a 10-year-old and an 8-year-old. Two boys. They’re fantastic kids.

I relax by: Going to sleep.

Guilty pleasure: Donuts

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