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Purple Velvet Hair Color Correction

Anne Moratto | December 19, 2016 | 9:10 AM

Tanya Ramirez (@untamedinstinct) gave her client the royal treatment—the royal purple treatment.  Working with very thick hair, she created dimensional tones and finished with a shining bob cut.  Ramirez breaks down her process below.  #hairdressermagic

Before details:  The client had previous black dye with 2" dark, natural level 1/2 new growth plus a streak of brassy blonde. Hair was exceptionally thick with asymmetrical undercut.

To create this Purple Velvet Color Correction:

STEP ONE: “Section hair across from temple to temple. (Hair below the temples was kept dark and untouched on purpose since she's growing out an undercut. I didn't want her already thick hair to expand more. This will help collapse and control her hair shape.)

STEP TWO:  “I applied Wella Blondor + 30vol on previously coloured areas.

STEP THREE: “Then, I applied Wella Blondor + 20vol on the 2" of new (natural growth - staying 1/4" off scalp.

STEP FOUR: “Once I finished that application, I went back and applied the same formula to the root area plus the brassy blonde streak. Allowed to process until golden yellow.”

Shampoo and towel dry.


Two formulas using Joico Color Intensity.

Formula 1 - Joico Color Intensity Sapphire + Indigo (2:1). Formula 2 - Joico Color Intensity Sapphire + Indigo (1:1).


STEP ONE: “Starting at the base, I applied Formula 1 to the first 2" on all pre-lightened areas.

STEP TWO: “Next, I applied Formula 2 to remaining pre-lightened hair through ends. Allowed colour to process at room temperature for 30 mins.”

Hair was then shampooed, conditioned and towel-dried.


STEP ONE:  “I prepped hair by spritzing with Kevin.Murphy's Un.Tangled and applying Kevin.Murphy's Young.Again serum to damp hair.

STEP TWO: “Blow-dried hair using my fave BioIonic Power Light dryer and Olivia Garden Nano-Thermic Round brush.

STEP THREE: Finished with a dry haircut using Hattori Hanzo shears around the perimeter to tidy up her previous asymmetrical cut.”   


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Hair Color Trends
Hair Color Trends

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