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MAKEOVER: Natural To Fire Opal

Maggie Mulhern | January 8, 2017 | 6:18 AM
Alicia McLaughlin, AKA Lish Mac (@thehairstylish) of Calista Salon in West Chester, Pennsylvania, says "My blonding skills have gotten way better since being educated by the one and only blonding king, Ludo Geheniaux aka @hairbyluu." It took two days to get model, Jamie, from a level 6 to unicorn. "Patience is key when you want to get to the perfect, healthy canvas." McLaughlin shares the details:

SESSION 1: Achieving a platinum canvas on previously highlighted hair:

Process 1:

Solaris Poudr7 with 10 volume and Olaplex #1

Application: First, apply to the mid-lengths, 1/4 inch from the root to 3 inches from the ends. Process 30 minutes. Then apply to the ends. Process 30 minutes. Then apply to the roots. Process 30 minutes. Rinse and apply Olaplex #2 for 10 minutes. Shampoo with Eugeneperma Neutralizing Milk.

Process 2:

Roots: Solaris Poudr7 with 20 volume and Olaplex #1
Mid-lengths and Ends: Solaris Poudr7 with 30 volume and Olaplex #1

Application: Same as Process 1 but only 20 minutes on root this time. Rinse and apply Olaplex #2 for 10 minutes. Towel dry.

Process 3:

Solaris Poudr7 with 20 volume and Olaplex #1


At the bowl, find and saturate and remaining yellow. Process for 20 minutes. Rinse and shampoo with Eugeneperma Neutralizing Milk.

Process 4:

Roots: Eugeneperma Carmen 10*02 with 10 volume and 2 parts Eugeneperma Equivital Shampoo
Mid-lengths and Ends: Eugeneperma Carmen 10*02 with 20 volume.
Application: Apply formulas and let process for 25 minutes. Rinse and apply Olaplex #2 for 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition. Blow dry.

SESSION 2: Kenra Neons Application


Base: Full tube of White with about a 1/4 tube of Charcoal and an 1/8 of a tube of Neon Violet to give it that opalescent tone. 

Mid-lengths and Ends: For the blonde: two tubes of White and 1/8 a tube of Charcoal and Neon Violet. Randomly place the rest of the Neon lot everywhere.


First, apply the root color about and inch to inch and a half down. Splitting the hair into quadrants, and starting in the back, take half inch sections and place the various Neons randomly throughout the strands. Paint the White mixture over of the whole section and work in with fingers to blend the prisms into the blonde.

Under a blacklight:

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