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Q&A with Celebrity Esthetician JoElle Lee

Jamie Newman | January 13, 2017 | 1:04 PM
JoElle Lee returns to Face & Body Midwest 2017.

JoElle Lee is a licensed celebrity esthetician, skin care specialist, speaker, author, educator and mentor in the esthetics industry. As a keynote speaker at Face & Body Midwest this year, she will be teaching a class called "5 Tools Every Esthetician Must Have to be Successful." Face & Body Midwest will take place on January 21-23, 2017.

Here, she discusses how she cares for her own skin, how to launch your career and more.

As a busy professional, how do you make time to take care of your own skin?
"At least once a week, I reward myself with a mini-spa day at home," Lee says. "I also try, at least a couple times a week, to do a facial mask and/or facial scrub treatment before bedtime."

What are the ways that your inner health can affect your outer appearance?
"A high fat, sugar and dairy diet can lead to early signs of aging as well as unwanted skin eruptions and dull skin," she says. "Try to maintain a diet that consists mostly of high protein, fruits, vegetables, and water. Protein is great at fighting fine lines and wrinkles, while the water and antioxidants will help ward of harmful toxins and leave your skin radiant and glowing."

How were you able to take your career to the next level? 
"My Motto: Make a Decision, Take Action and Follow Through. My career has taken many twists and turns but through it all I have stayed focused on the direction and path I want to follow and keep the perseverance and stamina to see my dreams and goals materialize"

Any skincare and beauty must-haves or any favorite skincare treatments?
"I must have a skincare brush," Lee says. "I just love facial brushes for that extra exfoliation maintenance. As of yet, I have not come across a better treatment than a good old fashion chemical peel for a quick overall improvement of the skin's appearance. I don't think I will ever give up my chemical peel regimen. Definitely a must-have."

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