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Magenta To Blue: A Four Session Journey

Maggie Mulhern | February 19, 2017 | 8:49 AM
The 4 session journey
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Alyssa Wiener (@lysseon) from Stylin' in Norwalk, CT, shares the details for this amazing color journey:

"Vanessa and I have been working on getting rid of the years of permanent red in her hair to make room for some more fun. Our first few appointments we did some magenta, and then we've slowly been working around the color wheel to get to a forest green to lime green melt. Because of the immense pigment left in her hair after being red, there's of course a lot of warmth left over. I'm not the stylist who's going to compromise the integrity of someone's hair, so here's our adventure!"


"Our first appointment we used a mixture of Manic Panic Cleo Rose and Urban Shock Pink after lightening out her old color with Wella Blondor, 30vol and Brazilian Bond Builder. This was May 2016."


"2 months later, we lightened her roots using the same formula with Scruples Creme Booster + 30vol and B3 on her ends to lighten up that direct dye. I prefer this method because it happens almost instantly and with very little to no damage." B3 added to the following:

Root color: Urban Shock Purple with some pink

Mids: Urban Pink diluted with some conditioner

Ends: Diluted Urban Orange

Process for 30 minutes. Rinse and style. 


"2 months later, same process. Now that her regrowth area has gotten away from reds and cooled off, it was time to introduce blue! I also wanted to stay away from too much warmth on her ends in hopes to be able to do green the next time."

Roots: Pulp Riot Nightfall

Mids: Urban purple with a splash of teal

Ends: Urban red with a bit of purple 

"I told Vanessa to wash her hair with clarifying shampoo 2 weeks before seeing me to hopefully lift those ends once and for all."


"2 months later - the most recent time, a few weeks ago - same process of Wella Blondor at the regrowth with 30vol & B3, creme booster at the ends and B3. It finally lifted to a brassy-ish yellow orange but enough to put green on top."

Root color: Pulp Riot Nightfall with some Urban Blue

Mids: Urban Shock Teal with some yellow

Ends: Manic Panic Green Envy

Process for 30 minutes and apply B3 Demi conditioner after rinsing to seal in the color and make her hair extra healthy for next time.

"Moral of the story is, trust your stylist and trust the process. It might take a while, but I'd rather get you there with healthy hair rather than with cotton candy hair. It's fun to enjoy the ride along the color wheel. Hair is the one accessory you don't take off, so you might as well have fun with it. I'm excited to help Vanessa reach her goal of forest and lime green next time."

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