Design Elements: Color Creations Inspired by Earth, Wind and Water

Jamie Newman | February 24, 2017 | 1:19 PM
Earth by James Gartner
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Formula: Pre Lightened to a level 10 Using Pure Light Power Lightener + 20 Vol Base: ChromaSilk 7.62+0 Lift Developer Midshaft: Staggered Layers of vertical color stripes Lemon Yellow: 1oz Clear Vivids + .2oz Yellow Vivids Emerald Green: .5oz Locked-In Teal + .5oz Locked-In Yellow Bush Ruby Rose: Chroma Silk 7.62 + 0 Lift Developer Ends: ChromaSilk 1oz 7.62 + .5oz Silk Degrees Shine Treatment + 2.25oz 0 Lift Developer
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Wind by Jacquelyn Hastings
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Formula 1: 3.0 oz Silver + 1.0 oz Black + .2 oz Blue Formula 2: 6.0 oz Silver + .5 oz Black + .1 oz Blue + .5 Blissful Blue Formula 3: 2.6 oz Neon Blue + .8 oz Blue Topaz Formula 4: 2.6 oz Neon Pink + .6 oz Magenta + a dot of Neon Yellow Formula 5: 2.7 oz of Neon Yellow + 2 dots of Neon Green
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Water by Danielle Haggard
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Using Pravana Express Tones Violet + Clear 1:1 + 0 volume on damp hair in shampoo bowl Formulas: Shadow Root: Pravana Chromasilk Haircolor 2 oz 10.07 + 1 dot 1n + 10 volume and apply clear silk degrees to ends Purple: 2.1 oz Pretty In Pink, dot black, 1 oz magenta, .4 locked in pink, 1.1 clear Yellow: .7 neon yellow, 2.3 yellow Coral: 1oz orange, .3 magenta, 2.5 coral, dot black Clear
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For The Elements collection, three artists from Bii Hair Salon in West Dundee, Illinois, were influenced by earth, wind and water, using Pravana color to transform the hair.

During a visit to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Bii Owner James Gartner noticed the burst of colors on the aeonium Mardi Gras plant.

“The plant has rosettes of lemon-yellow leaves with emerald-green midstripes with blush ruby-rose,” Gartner says. “I thought, ‘How could I incorporate this riot of color into hair art?’”

The results were a breathtaking combination of Pravana ChromaSilk and Vivids colors.

Jacquelyn Hastings, Bii master lead hair artist and Pravana artistic educator, looked to the sky for her inspiration.

“This look is inspired by the reflection of light and color created by nature, the Northern Lights,” Hastings says. “The more the hair moves, the more color you can see reflected through the hair. Just like the moving light show that appears in the dark starry night.”

To round out the collection, Bii hair artist Danielle Haggard marveled at how watercolor paint creates a soft yet statement-making result. She wanted her color application to mimic the brush strokes of watercolors, with the final result reminiscent of the sun setting over a lake.

“You don’t always need to be over-the- top with your color to make a statement; with the right placement, even the softest of colors can make you swoon,” Haggard says.

James Gartner @gartnerjames, Jacquelyn Hastings @jacquelynmarieh, and Danielle Haggard @deardaniellemarie
Photographer: Darnia Barykina @daryna_barykina
Makeup: Cassandra Tamayo @cassandramiaa_
Shoot mentor: EricaKeelen @ericakeelen_hair_love

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