FORMULA: Confetti

Maggie Mulhern | March 2, 2017 | 12:30 PM

Goldwell Regional Artistic Team member, Tiffany Blair ( took her client from a muted "galaxy" inspired canvas to vibrant Elumen shades, melting from pure to lighter tones. Blair wanted the hair color to resemble a burst of shades intermixed, similar to confetti. See below for how to recreate this look in the salon using Goldwell products.

Step 1: First, pre-lighten hair to a level 10 using 35ml Topchic 6% (20vol) lotion + 1 scoop Oxycur Platin lightener. Shampoo, towel dry and apply Elumen Prepare. Then, dry the hair with a blow dryer.

Step 2: Next, start at the crown and create a triangular section on the top of the head.

Step 3: After, apply 40 ml Elumen [email protected] to the remaining hair.

Step 4: Then, using the back-to-back slicing technique in the triangular section, apply 40 ml Elumen VV @all to the root and alternate formulas 20ml Elumen [email protected] + 10ml [email protected] + 3ml [email protected], 20ml Elumen [email protected] + 7ml [email protected] + 3ml [email protected] and 20ml Elumen [email protected] + 9ml [email protected] + 1ml [email protected] to the mid-shaft and ends.

Step 5: Finally, process the hair for 30 minutes. Shampoo twice with Elumen Wash and towel dry. Finish the look by then applying Elumen Lock for five minutes, then rinse and condition with Elumen Treat.


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