Join the Color Takeover Movement: Learn How to Professionally Color Extensions

March 15, 2017 | 11:00 AM
Join the Color Takeover movement.
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For decades, the hair color category has fueled success for salons and stylists. Within the past 10 years, hair extensions have evolved to become one of the most versatile, profitable, in-demand services salon pros can offer. What happens when the art of hair extensions and science of hair color intersect? Opportunity!

According to recent research by MODERN SALON Media for HAIR+ (an initiative covering trichology, thinning hair, enhancements and scalp care), the two drivers for extensions business are:

  1.  Thinning hair (need for volume and length; 33% of clients believe they have thinning hair)
  2.  Fashion/trends (wishing for quick, easy, damage-free changes in color and texture)

One-third of consumers—your clients—believe they have thinning hair, while stylists say less than one-fourth of clients do. That misperception is a big part of the opportunity, especially with clients age 35 and older, who rely on hair color for gray coverage, sophisticated blonding services, lowlighting and more.

There is also tremendous opportunity with younger clients. For those clients younger than 35, the average age they started hair color is 17. The reason? They “needed a change.” They crave the hair painting, ombre, color melting looks they “like” on social media, but health of hair is their number one concern. Supplementing with extensions lets you change hair color more often and with less risk of damage.

At just the right time in salon history, Donna Bella Hair has partnered with Joico and Framar to create an innovative program called Color Takeover to address both service categories and all the opportunities that happen when you combine professional hair extensions and hair color. Learn more at and at special Color Takeover education events at major trade shows across the country. 

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