System Professional Brings Science of Skincare Customization to Haircare

Anne Moratto | July 1, 2017 | 10:45 AM
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 System Professional, a hair care brand combining science and hairdressing mastery, was formally introduced to the Los Angeles salon community on March 12, 2017 on the 30th floor of a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper. This sleek, futuristic venue was a fitting backdrop for the LA launch of an innovative care system which proposes that each person’s hair has a unique energy profile that determines its elasticity and fiber health. Stylists, by using a proprietary Systems Professional App, can walk their clients through a series of questions which then map out an "EnergyCode" of their hair. This comprehensive consultation customizes a  product prescription which is the care equivalent of a color formulation. The stylists can decode--and recommend with confidence-- what a client should be using at every stage of their hair care routine.

"We found that your client is spending three time more in skincare than in hair care," Becky Godlove, director of marketing for System Professional, said. "We found, too, that her regimen is more complicated. It is a truly luxurious and personalized experience for her; she is using five products, two times a day. With System Professional, we provide that same expert consultation, that truly specific result and the instant transformation she wants, in the salon."

Sandra Arthur, director of trademarking for System Professional, explained that the interior composition of the hair varies from head to head. "The lipid profile of hair is as unique as your fingerprints. Lipids are that flexible glue that hold together the keratin building blocks in hair and keeps it balanced and responsive. "

System Professional features a  proprietary ingredient blend,  EnergyCode™ Complex, with ingredients that look after both scalp and hair. Different sub-lines within the System Professional range have different EnergyCode Complex. 

 “It’s not just the launch of another prestige brand for us,” says George Kalpogiannis, vice president marketing & regional design NA Professional Beauty at Coty Inc. “This is a very exclusive proposition and we are committed to making it available only to salons where it will elevate the experience of the consumer and celebrate the role of the stylist." 

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