Now's the Time to Start Clients on Skin Fades and More Expert Men’s Grooming Tips

Anne Moratto | March 24, 2017 | 10:11 AM
Hair by Joel Sharp
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Hair by Joel Sharp
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Hair by Joel Sharp
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Hair by Joel Sharp
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Hair by Joel Sharp
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Hair by Joel Sharp
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Joel Sharp (@joelthehairsurgeon) is an award-winning cosmetologist/barber who stays busy “putting hair on the floor” at a classic barber shop in Reading, PA and representing The Cricket Company as a Brand Ambassador.

Here Sharp shares a few basic tips on understanding the client and giving them the best cut for their style: 

1. "Consultation is key. Make sure to ask all the right questions upfront and educate the client on what to expect so they are clear on why you are recommending a specific style.

2. "Head shape and natural lines are incredibly important. For example, if a client with a round head shape is looking for that "Brad Pitt 'Fury' look" you might need to leave some bulk above the ridge to make it work. I find my 7” Roc-it Dog Shears work great for this type of detailing.

3. "Warmer weather usually brings tighter fades. Business minded clients typically stick with the tight skin fades but will require a more blended appearance on top. And I always recommend my clients start skin fades early to avoid tan lines!"

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