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HOW-TO: Braided Pompadour & Ethereal Ponytail by Aquage

Lauren Salapatek | March 25, 2017 | 7:19 PM
FInished look, side
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Finished look, back
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FInished look, front
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To start the look, a two-stranded French fishtail braid was created at the crown of the head.
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The remaining ponytail was wrapped around to add to the design.
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Here, the two-sranded French fishtail braid at the top of the head was deconstructed.
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The ponytail was carefully curled using a 1" curling iron.
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We took a stroll around the show floor at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago today and we came across this prom/bridesmaid/special occasion updo that we just had to stop and watch on the Aquage stage.

To create the look, this educator created a 2-strand French fishtail braid starting at the crown of the head. Then, the braid was pushed forward and elevated into a pompadour look. The tail of the braid was wrapped from side to side to give the ponytail extra pizzazz. To finish, the tail of the ponytail was curled, then deconstructed and backcombed with the fingers.

Check it out for yourself!






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