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Guy Tang's Secret Behind His Rose Gold Hair Color Looks!

Lauren Salapatek | March 28, 2017 | 10:20 AM
Guy Tang shows off his rose gold hair color look.
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Rose gold hair color, front
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Rose gold hair color, back
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During America's Beauty Show in Chicago, one of the main attractions was social superstar, Guy Tang! Known for his innovative color concoctions and techniques, Tang blew everyone away with one after another of his incredible coloring tips. Here, he shares how he created this rose gold color (with a violet tint).

Starting off as a natural level 7, Tang went in and lifted this model’s "rootage" (Tang's term aka "new growth")  with Big 9 lightener and only 10 volume. The result? An icy, white. However, that wasn’t his initial plan...

He wanted to eventually create her into a rose gold color but in order to achieve that, he needed a little yellow in her hair to start.

So here’s what he did: Tang used his new #mydentity hair color line to create his rose gold look. He put 7RG on her new growth, mixed a 7 and a 9 on her mid-lengths, then applied 9 rose gold on her ends. “I knew it was going to look a little more violet because her hair lifted past what I wanted it to look like, and that was not my intention,” says Tang. “However, it turned out beautiful, don’t you think?”

Here’s why Tang formulates rose gold this way: “The reality is if I made it the exact rose gold color in the tube, do you know what’s going to happen? Everyone’s going to get orange hair, because most people don’t lift up to platinum. Most people lift up yellow. And if it lifts beyond its point you’re not going to have that yellow in there for the rose gold and violet to cancel out that yellow.”

So in this case, since she was one of the few that didn't lift yellow, she ended up with a violet tint.

Tang formulated his #mydentity rose gold series to have a subtle violet cast to cancel out the yellow and deposit a rose tone in to create a beautiful, creamy rose gold color.



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