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MAKEOVER: The Big Tone Down

Maggie Mulhern | March 30, 2017 | 4:20 AM
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Brittany Briggs (@brittany_pro) of Glitz Salon, Rochester Hills, Michigan, says her client, a natural level 1 with coarse Asian hair had been lightened multiple times before this visit. "This time she wanted more of her natural black brought back into her color and to tone down the brightness." 

For this service, Briggs chose to use Elumen (Goldwell) because of the "magnet-effect' technology. "The color pigments are physically drawn deep inside the hair where they are anchored securely and porous areas of the hair diffuse the light. Elumen fills the hair structure without oxidation, ammonia free color, and helps improve the hairs durability," adds Briggs.

Here, she shares the details for this makeover:

Step 1: On dry hair, apply Goldwell Elumen [email protected] to nape and to the strands below the rounds.

Step 2: To the crown down to the color in step 1, apply Goldwell Elumen [email protected] to midshaft area.

Step 3: Tone the ends with Goldwell Elumen [email protected] (2oz) & [email protected] (1.5oz).

Step 4: Apply the same shade in step 2 to the front section.

Step 5: Process for 30 minutes at room temperature. Shampoo and condition the hair.

Total appointment time: 4 hours 


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