Make Extensions an Option for Low-Maintenance Clients

April 7, 2017 | 1:16 PM
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Hair pieces can be used for clients who want to regularly experiment with fashion colors, but don’t want their existing hair to pay a toll, say experts at Rene of Paris.
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Hairtalk’s Colormelts come in fashion-color gradients and can easily be swapped in and out depending on the client’s preference.
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What are the best ways clients can give extensions longevity?

To prevent tangling, clients should tie hair back in a loose, low pony for recreational activities that could cause excessive movement in the hair and while sleeping,” says Darren Brokaw, Great Lengths USA creative director. “Often clients are too cautious when brushing over the attachment sites, concerned the extensions will pull out. Brushing thoroughly, root to end, is necessary to prevent tangling and matting. Move hair out of the way when carrying a shoulder bag, and avoid placing sunglasses on top of the head to prevent accidentally pulling hair. Also, don’t allow the bonded area to remain damp for extended periods of time. Even when allowing hair to air dry, always give the bonded area a jump start with a blow dryer. Moisture on the bonds for extended periods of time can cause the bonds to discolor or weaken and potentially come out prematurely. Lastly, avoid sulfur-based shampoos like most dandruff shampoos, as they compromise the longevity of the bond.”

What hair-enhancement solutions are best for clients who don’t want lots of upkeep?

“Being inspired by this season’s fashion-color trends is now easier than ever,” says Jerry Holt, senior research and development manager, Aderans Hair Goods, parent company of Rene of Paris. “Clients can change their look without the maintenance of color through wigs and hair pieces. I always think of our products as makeup for hair. Clients can be brave and have fun with color.”

“As an artist, one of my favorite solutions is our Hairband,” says Alicia Iannone, platform artist, Hairtalk Extensions. The Hairband by Hairtalk instantly pumps up the volume and maximizes length for a zero-commitment look in less than five minutes.”

Made from 100% Remy human hair and placed on a hand-sewn weft, the Hairband stretches to fit every shape and size head. For twice the fullness, Iannone suggests layering two Hairbands, or layering one of the brand’s fashion-hued Colormelts.

“The hairband requires very little maintenance and is a great solution if your client wants to achieve volume, length and color all in a matter of minutes,” she says.

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