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Selena Gomez's Chocolate-Mauve Color is Giving Us Life

Jamie Newman | April 19, 2017 | 10:17 AM
Photo via @hannahthepainter: The hair color craze she coined that is reminicent of that of Selena Gomez's.
Photo By Hannah Edelman

Selena Gomez is a trendsetter by every definition of the word. Although she can pull off any look, we think she KILLED IT with her brief stint with dusty-rose-colored hair, lusciously swirled into her brunette locks. This is one of our absolute favorite color trends of the year so far, and we are begging for Gomez to bring it back!

Gomez debuted the haircolor on Snapchat, with no other images (sadly) to be found elsewhere. Lucky for you and your clients, though, the originator of the chocolate mauve hair color trend on Instagram Hannah Edelman told us how you can recreate this color on your clients, using a custom Pravana Vivids formula and how-to. 

Photo from Selena Gomez's Snapchat
Photo from Selena Gomez's Snapchat

Formula 1: Chocolate Brown - 80g VIVIDS Clear + 25g NEON Yellow + 15g VIVIDS Violet + 10g VIVIDS Black (additive) 
Formula 2: Mauve - 90g VIVIDS Pink + 30g PASTELS Luscious Lavender + 25g VIVIDS Silver + 8g VIVIDS Magenta + 4g VIVIDS Yellow
Formula 3: Pale Mauve - 90g NEONS Pink + 20g NEON Blue + 1g NEON yellow 
Formula 4: Tan - 90g VIVIDS Pink + 40g PASTELS Luscious Lavender + 35g PASTELS Blissful Blue + 4g NEON Yellow + 1g VIVIDS Violet 
Formula 5: Lilac - 90g PASTELS Petty in Pink + 40g PASTELS Luscious Lavender + 5g VIVIDS Magenta 


  1. Start with a pre-lightened level 10 balayage, using Pure Light Power Lightener and your choice of developer. To keep with the Mauve palette, make sure your root color isn’t too dark. 
  2. Part the hair how your client normally wears it and section into 4 quadrants.  
  3. Make a hairline section by taking ¾” wide piece. With Formula 1 Chocolate Brown for the root, color melt down to Formula 4 Tan into Formula 3 Pale Mauve. For a brighter look, use Formula 5 Lilac.  
  4. With the front quadrant (heaviest side), create a two-inch shadow root using Formula 1 Chocolate Brown.  
  5. After hairline color has been applied, begin the first quadrant application with a diagonal section 2” above the ear and color melt Formula 1 Chocolate Brown into Formula 4 Tan.  
  6. Once the first diagonal section has been established, use partings that are uneven or zig-zag to create triangular sections no larger than 3” and color melt using either Formula 2 Mauve, Formula 3 Pale Mauve, Formula 4 Tan or Formula 5 Lilac, depending on your final desired result. No need to separate the pieces with foils. Get creative!  
  7. Continue with irregular triangles until you get close to the top of the quadrant and only have 1/2” section left.
  8. Finish this section applying the color of your choice.  
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 on the other front quadrant.  
  10. Continue the shadow root in the back by stretching Formula 1 Chocolate Brown down 3” to 4”.  
  11. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the back quadrants.  
  12. Process for 25 minutes, then shampoo and condition with Pravana Vivids Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner.  
  13. Style as desired. 

Pro tip: If your client can only lift to a level nine, half the neon yellow for the mauve, pale mauve, and tan formulas. 



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