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Victoria Wurdinger | April 28, 2017 | 8:39 AM
Copper radiates warmth for the spring and summer months.

To design a signature color, create hues that enhance outside beauty while reflecting who the person is inside. Here, Keratin Complex’s lived-in rusty coppers with brighter flecks of colors are seamlessly blended to celebrate the model’s love of nature.

Previously colored level 2
Formula 1: 40 ml It’s A Blonde Thing Powder + 1 Vital Shot with 80 ml 20-volume dedicated developer
Formula 2: 30 ml 5.4/5C + 20 ml 6.43/6CG with 50 ml 30-volume developer
Formula 3: 5 ml .33/GG + 25 ml 8.3/8G with 30 ml 30-volume developer
Formula 4: 5 ml .44/CC + 25 ml 6.64/6RC with 30 ml 30-volume developer
Formula 5: 20 ml It’s A Blonde Thing Powder with 40 ml 10-volume dedicated developer

1. To lighten the previously tinted hair, apply Formula 1 from ¼ inch off the scalp to the ends. Process 20 minutes; then shampoo and condition. The hair should now be light enough for the new color.
2. Create a triangle with a width that spans from the top corner of left eye to the bottom corner of right eye. The apex is at crown. Then, move to the crown point and on both sides, create two more triangular sections with their widths dropping over the ears.
3. Working all around the triangular sections, apply Formula 1 from scalp to ends.
4. Then, working within the triangles, take ¼- to ½-inch subsections and apply Formula 1 from the scalp to 2 inches down into the midlengths. Feather on the formula at an angle, so there are no horizontal lines.
5. Next, apply Formulas 2 through 5 on the remaining subsections, varying the order of the formulas. Work with a stippling brush, using a dotting motion. This will create an interesting light reflection from within.
6. After all the subsections are completed, use your gloved hand to gently marry the shades together for seamless blending. Process 35 minutes; then shampoo and condition.

Color: Deb Gavin, international artistic director for color Keratin Complex Color Therapy

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