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Lovely Lavender: The Pastel Hue For Every Client

Victoria Wurdinger | April 28, 2017 | 9:15 AM
This look is from Keune's New Dawn collection.

Keune Haircosmetics is inspired by strong women and their transformations for this fearless lilac

Natural level 8 with pre-lightened midlengths and ends. (Ideal starting level 10+)
Formula 1: 30 ml Keune Semi Color Grey with 60 ml Keune Semi Color Activator
Formula 2: 30 ml Lilac with 60 ml Semi Color Activator
Formula 3: 30 ml Silver with 60 ml Semi Color Activator

1. Start at the nape and work up to the center back and sides. Take a ¼-inch vertical section and apply Formula 2 to the base of the section, twisting the section. Allow some space between each section before you apply Formula 3 to the ends, using a color board as support. Twist the section again, then blend Formulas 2 and 3 by using your color brush in a vertical blending motion. Reapply, using Formula 2, as needed.
2. Now move to the center back, take a ¼-inch vertical section and apply Formula 1 to the base, twisting the section to allow some space between each section. Alternate on every other section using Formulas 2 and 3. Blend by reapplying Formula 2 as needed.
3. Complete the application on the sides, up to the top of the head.
4. Process 20 minutes, shampoo and rinse.

Color: Kimm Koffijberg and Keune creative team
Style: Ilham Mestour and Keune creative team
Photographer: Fotofloor
Makeup: Barbra Oliemans

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