Holographic Color Melt Collection from Matrix

Lauren Quick | May 1, 2017 | 7:44 AM
Opal Melt: This holographic interpretation of the changing colors of the sky includes azure, rose, gold and emerald.
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Mermaid Melt: Inspired by the inside of an oyster shell, this design melts from a natural shadow root into violet, blue and silver.
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Mocha Melt: Three shades of mocha meld with indigo for a more masculine-friendly take on the trend.
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Rose-Gold Melt: Vertical and horizontal sections are combined for a blend of berry, violet, coral and rose quartz.
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The newest photo collection from Matrix combines two big trends for 2017: color melting and holographic effects. The Holographic Color Melt collection showcases four color-melt designs from an international team of Matrix artistic directors and stylists they mentored.

“We’re seeing so much hair color all over social media, but so much of it is DIY work that lacks sophistication in the application,” Matrix Artistic Director Chrystofer Benson says. “With this collection, we’re taking back technically driven hair color.”

Benson says the four looks from the collection can be adapted for any salon client by altering the palette.

“For commercial adaptation, keep the tones and levels closer together,” he says. “For progressive or avant-garde looks, explore disconnection, asymmetry and color levels that are farther apart.”

Hair: Matrix Artistic Directors Chrystofer Benson, Mila Belova, Danielle Keasling and Dan Csicsai with mentees Dennis Rombout, Francis Bouchard, Vitaliy Pimenov and Victoria Yeremchuk

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