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Global Warming: Summer-Perfect Red, Brunette and Blonde Color by the L'ANZA Global Creative Team

Alison Alhamed | July 31, 2017 | 10:33 AM
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The L'ANZA Global Creative Team collaborated on this Beauty is United collection for a red, blonde and brunette finish perfect for the summer season. Colorist Leah Freeman shares her technique and tips for these looks styled and perfected by Matt Swinney and Ammon Carver.

“Redheads have been told their whole lives how beautiful their hair is and to never color it,” Freeman says. “But over time, reds can get flat. I love L'ANZA’s Vibes in Yellow in my reds because it creates a mirror-like reflection when taking fine pieces of straight gold to rejuvenate the whole head.”

“This is a balayage with heavy babylights and a heavy saturation of lightener on the ends,” Freeman says. “Picking the right glaze is 50% of the total decision, the other 50% is the placement of the lightener. You have to consider your client’s skin tone.”

“When it comes to lifting, it’s not a race, it’s a marathon,” Freeman says. “Take thin sections, use a low-volume developer. The condition of this model’s hair remained strong and healthy, she had no problems with her scalp burning or itching, and her texture was phenomenal. Take control of the conversation with your guest, and share the pros and cons of going too fast. It’s like driving a car. You can drive 90 mph in a 65 mph zone, but you might get into a car accident or get pulled over. Go the speed limit and it’ll take you longer to get there, but you’ll get there in one piece.”

Hair color: Leah Freeman
Styling and cutting: Matt Swinney, Ammon Carver
Assistant: Gina Watkins
Photographer: Christopher Kolk
Makeup: Viktorija Bowers

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