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Bright Balayaged Hues with the Help of Balay Powder

Victoria Wurdinger | May 5, 2017 | 1:01 PM
Balay Powder thickens any color or lightener, making it ideal for balayage.

Balay Powder’s Artistic Team drew inspiration from a mix of vibrant red, yellow and green peppers. The curved lines of the peppers inspired brilliant hair graphics.

Natural level 4
Formula 1: ½ oz Pravana Pure Light Lightener + ½ oz Balay Powder with 1½ oz 40-volume developer
Formula 2: 1 oz Pravana ChromaSilk 7.62 with 1½ oz Zero Lift Developer
Formula 3: .2 oz Yellow Vivids +.2 oz Balay Powder
Formula 4: .2 oz Green Vivids + .2 oz Balay Powder
Formula 5: .2 oz Red Vivids +.2 oz Balay Powder

1. Apply Formula 1 to the ends. Process 50 minutes; then shampoo, rinse and dry.
2. Next, apply Formula 2 to the base, along the ridge and through the top.
3. Apply Formulas 3, 4, and 5, using a balayage technique in a checkerboard pattern through the top of the head. Apply the formulas on the midstrands and ends.
4. Apply Formula 5 along the sides, melding it into the base color for gradation. Once the application is completed, process 20 minutes.

Color and style: James Gartner @gartnerjames
Makeup: Cassandra Tamayo @cassandramiaa_

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