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CORRECTION: Broken and Fragile To Tasteful Melt

Maggie Mulhern | May 30, 2017 | 4:38 PM

Lauren Kelly (@hairbylaurenk) and (@americanculturehaircare) of The look Spa Salon, Greenlawn, New York, says her new client "came in because she tried to do a double process blonde at home by herself. She has gone from red, to brown to blonde so her hair is very fragile. She was open to whatever suggestions I had, her only request was that it was a more low maintenance look."

Kelly decided it would be best to deepen her base so she wouldn't have to come in for touch-ups as often, and tone her ends to create a seamless color melt. "I did not want to use any lightener because of the condition of her hair." 

A balayage look was Kelly's end goal. "I did a reverse balayage and added the depth back into her hair since she was so light. After applying the base color I went back in and dragged the base down in a 'tear drop' placement, dragging some pieces down farther than others." Although the hair appears thicker at the end of the service, Kelly assures she did not use extensions.

Here she shares the details for the makeover using all American Culture Hair products:

Step 1: Fill hair with a combination of Pure BLENDS Shampoo 2 parts Marigold to 1 part Sun. Apply like hair color to any area that hair color is going to be applied. NOTE: Make sure to apply product sparingly because because additional hair color will be placed directly on top of the fill.

Step 2: Blend base color: Simply Smooth Pure Color: 45g 6.0+ 45g 10 volume. Apply to base in vertical sections and drag down  3-4 inches varying in different sections. NOTE: Put foil on the sections where color was already applied to protect the blonde ends.  Process for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Tone ends with Simply Smooth Pure Color: 25g 9.3+ 5g 9n+ 30g 10 volume. Process for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Shampoo hair with Pure BLENDS Lemon Shampoo. Condition with Pure Blends Cocoa- Colada Conditioner. Towel dry hair well and apply Simply Smooth Magic Potion Intense blowout to recondition her ends and add shine back into her hair.

Step 5: Blow dry smooth and curl with a 1 1/4" iron, breaking up curls at the end to have a more lived in look.

"She was sent home with a Pure BLENDS Lemon shampoo to use every other shampoo to maintain her colors vibrancy."

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Hair Color Trends
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