HOW TO: A Dramatic Oyster Blonde Transformation!

Maggie Mulhern | August 23, 2014 | 12:19 PM
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Michael M. Haase achieved this personalized “Oyster Blonde” finish with patience and expertise. "I feel it's important with clients to give them that extra bit of mystery in the color that is a formula only for her, the art in what we do." Haase, a Wella Professionals Top Artist, is based at Salon Platinum Black in LA.

PRODUCTS: Wella Professionals Blondor Multi Blonde Powder, Illumina Color

CARE: Wella Professionals (care) Brilliance Shampoo, Brilliance Conditioner, Color post treatment

STYLING: Velvet Amplifier, Smooth Brilliance, Pearl Styler, Stay Firm Hairspray

Step 1. "The natural level is 5-6 and has a previous color service on it, I used Blondor Powder mixed 1:2 with 1.9% developer to lift to pale blonde using foils for the midshaft to ends to control hair integrity."

Step 2. "I applied Blondor Powder with 6% mixed 1:2 to the roots for pale blonde."

Step 3. "Shampoo the hair with Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner and Color Post Treatment. Dry the hair for toning service."

Step 4. "Cut the desired shape preparing for Color toning."

Step 5. "Using Wella Professionals Illumina Color for shine and effect, I used on the roots a mix of 9/60 + 10/69 + I also included 1/4 gram of 6/16 to a total mix of 15 grams. This was to add a little extra kick and customization of the color for depth and for the blending technique to the midshaft and ends before removal of the color.  The developer was 4% mixed 1:2."

Step 6. "Color was added to the midhsaft to ends and was a mix of Illumina Color 10/69 + 1.9% developer mixed 1:2."

Step 7. "I wanted to blend or ombre the colors together so 10min. before final wash I combed from the roots to the ends to blend away from the face.  This gave a beautiful transition and created the "oyster" part of the color somewhat due to just that little bit of Illumina Color 6/16."

Step 8. "To finish, apply Velvet Amplifier and a bit of Smooth Brilliance to dry and begin styling. Pearl Styler is the perfect tool for height and pieces for photographic imagery, full control of texture and shine, complete the custom look with Stay Firm Hairspray and play."

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