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HOW-TO: Perfectly Imperfect Tousled Curls Using a Flatiron

Lauren Salapatek | August 11, 2014 | 10:16 AM

HOW-TO: Perfectly Imperfect Tousled Curls Using a Flatiron Flatirons were previously thought of as tools that were meant for straightening — today, they can do much more. The Diane Ombre Flatiron by Fromm Beauty features curved plate edges making styling easier, especially when attempting to create wavy styles.

The Diane Ombre Flatiron is engineered with two tourmaline ceramic ionic plates to help give hair a smooth and shiny finish. When heated, the ceramic produces even heat, rather than pulsating, to maintain a steady temperature all throughout the styling processes. The tourmaline in the plates facilitate the production of negative ions which make the heat styling process less damaging to hair and leads to a smoother cuticle.

HOW-TO CURL using the Diane:

STEP 1: Start by sectioning hair into four or five sections.

STEP 2: At the back of the head, take 1” partings and use the flatiron to “lift, flip, pull and release.” Continue until you reach the crown of the head.

STEP 3: At the crown, backcomb for volume. Then, continue to “lift, flip, pull and release” taking care to overdirect this section for more volume. With the face-framing sections overdirect hair and pull away from the face.

STEP 4: Finish with hairspray.

The Diane Ombre Flatiron possesses a 10’ professional swivel cord which enables more elbow room. The adjustable digital temperature display from 300°F - 450°F gives stylists the ability to adjust the heat settings in accordance to a client's texture. Recommended settings are included on the packaging copy for specific instruction.

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HOW-TO: Perfectly Imperfect Tousled Curls Using a Flatiron

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