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"Wickedly Fierce" by Kay Cantrell

Elizabeth Jakaitis | August 26, 2014 | 8:57 AM
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Headpieces can be a great addition to any style. Ringlets were teased with fingertips, then brushed to achieve this style.
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To achieve this look, Cantrell used Kenra Dry Texture Spray 6 on most of the hair. To create a "matte and glow" look, she emulsified L'Oreal Professionnel Mystic Oil Nourishment Oil on her fingertips. This was strategically applied to the remaining parts of the hair.
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Sunkissed highlights accent the mowhawk area. Hair was shaped, then sprayed with Kenra Dry Texture 6.
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So wicked. So fierce.
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Crow and Queen. Inspired by the black crow (look on the left), Kay Cantrell created the "Crow Cut." Layered hair towards the face, gives this look two thumbs up.
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Magnificient! Can you guess the inspiration for this style created by hairstylist Kay Cantrell?
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Wicked witches with a modern twist, is the theme of this collection, styled by Kay Cantrell of HUSH Hair and Nails Studio in Savannah, GA. Inspired by black crows, spider webs, and chaos, Cantrell wanted each style to tell a story. She created the looks using Kenra Dry Texture Spray 6, Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13, and L'Oreal Professionnel Mystic Oil Nourishing Oil.

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